Ken Oliver

I am delighted to be part of the team at Chelmer Radio as I was born and brought up in Essex where previous generations of my family were the bakers in Hatfield Peverel.

I was inspired to become involved in radio as part of the teenage generation that listened to the innovative pirate stations broadcasting off the Essex coast. With a good friend from my school (KEGS) in Chelmsford I joined the Hospital Radio station there, and from this many opportunities happened with local radio which, as it came very late in Essex , ranged from Kent to Suffolk, before becoming part of the team at Essex Radio.

I am delighted that Chelmer Radio is putting at its core the local community –local radio for local people – as this seems to have been largely lost as commercial radio in particular has merged so many stations losing their connection with the listeners they serve. On Chelmer Radio I will be keeping you company through the night- if you have a long memory it was one of my roles with Essex Radio and the Breeze - and I will no doubt be popping up elsewhere from time to time too. Please let me know what you want to hear and I will do my best to include it in the programme.

Music has always been a passion for me so as you see from my picture I love to be part of the music makers of Rock Choir and this was taken when we recorded at Abbey Road .